2017/06/08     Blog / Product Reviews

Unboxing of the elegant FUNXIM MOONSONATA Wireless Charger & Bluetooth Speaker for Iphone, Samsung S6 S7 S8

Your phone charging could be more elegant than ever.
- Support Qi -standard or to retrofit phone or tablet with a separate Qi adapter to make it compatible;
- Utilizes 2 overlapping planner charging coils for maximum charging area;
- Free IOS and Android app will get your sleeping started in serene atmosphere clock.

Comes with Bluetooth stereo speakers.
- Automatically play your phone’s music after a simple one-tap connection;
- Delivering original sound quality;
- Increasing dynamic range.

You see how clean it is.
- Convenience meets minimalism, clean design;
- Help inspire Simplicity in your life;
- Not just simpler than any other wireless chargers, it’s also more practically useful.

Get it from https://www.funxim.net/ 

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