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Finance Strategist Rene Liaw spills TAX Secrets Rich people don't want you to know. Marcin Migdal picks up business and tax Advice at 200 km/h in a TESLA P90D. Keep your hard earned money and live a better life with help of The Uber Experiment - Canada's Business Entertainment Reality Show.

Season 2 Ep.9 - UBERING MILLIONAIRES at 200 KMH IN MY NEW TESLA - Full Episode: Rene Liaw Rides The Uber Experiment (S2E9)
IMDB: Season 2 Ep.9 - Rene Liaw

If you want a BIG tax refund year after year, Millionaire Rene Liaw will teach you Tax Secrets of Rich People. Marcin Migdal talks business and taxes on The Uber Experiment on Canada's Business Entertainment Show. We trade in our BMW for a brand new TESLA P90D and zoom around at 200 km/h while talking to Toronto Business Man, Financial Consultant and Tax Strategist Rene Liaw. The young entrepreneur and marketing millionaire shares his insight on tax deferral, tax planning, starting a business and makes a difference in thousands of people's lives. "Rich people plan for a lifetime, poor people plan for saturday night".

Learn more about Rene at http://bit.ly/2gkX1BK



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