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Mirror mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of all?

Everyone wants to look great! North America is obsessed with fashion, beauty and health. Majority of which falls on the physical; beautiful skin, symmetrical facial features, perfect bone structure, abs... simply put, almost unattainable characteristics.

While the attainable is hard to come by, on this week’s episode, two; dare we say perfect specimens find each other on the streets of GTA and talk hair, business and education on Toronto’s favorite business reality show The Uber Experiment.

Get ready for another entertaining, informative and hilarious episode with Marcin Migdal, serial entrepreneur & branding expert extraordinaire and his fourth rider of that day, the beautiful charismatic hairstylist and womenpreneur Keishe Hunte.

Driving down the streets of Toronto it’s clear to see fashion and beauty play a huge part in our pop culture. Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, you probably spend thirty minutes or more prepping your attire and trimming or priming your face and hair. We all wish there was a better, faster way.

Keisha Hunte has your answer, well at least for women she does. With her line of exclusively customized wigs made from real ‘temple’ hair imported from india and weaves she’s out to help women look great and feel even better. 

When Marcin pulls up to pick up his next rider “Keke” near Etobicoke’s IKEA, the first thing he said once she entered his car was “Wow, you look beautiful”. The hair, the outfit, the swagger, this rider was put together and she knew it. As Marcin shortly finds out, this rider is in  beauty education and stylist industry.

Keisha Hunte is an entrepreneur and runs a specialist beauty salon called KEKE Hair ( The salon caters to Toronto’s elite, celebrities and those who want the best hair with a fraction of the time.


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