2016/05/12     Blog / Product Reviews

This is a Gadget Review with Installation Links to BMW door welcome logo lights 3D Laser Projector Hologram. This Light will fit most 3-Series, X-series, M-series cars. I'm doing it on a E92 Coupe 328i.

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Buy it at http://amzn.to/1rUBBhN .
Fit for: BMW 7 series (2007-2016) ; old BMW 7 series (2003-2008) ; new BMW 5 series (2011-2016) ; old BMW 5 series (2004-2009) ; BMW 6 series (2007-2016); BMW 5 series GT (2010-2013); new BMW 3 series (2013-2016); BMW M3/ M5, X1 ,X3, X5, X6(2012-2016)

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