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When it comes to wearable accessories there is a new product that’s been attracting a lot of attention in the city of Toronto. A product that’s fun, affordable and most of all cool and trendy. Introducing FLASHIONISTAS line of jewelry inspired metallic tattoos. It seems to be the next big trend. They're edgy, chic and fashionable and in the world surrounded by fashion and trends there is always a room for something new or a new spin on something old.

Toronto is a great metropolis full of interesting people, high achievers who are willing to share their stories and when I stumbled onto Hayla and Ash after an hour of driving around uninteresting people, I didn't know I'd learn so much. 

"You either adapt or fall behind with the time" ~ Hayla Amini

About the Episode

On this episode of The UBER Experiment, Toronto's favorite UBER driver, me, Mr. Uber also known as Marcin Migdal picked up a pair of  two Toronto entrepreneurs who founded, Miss Hayla Amin and Ashkan 'ASH'. These temporary skin glitters are placed on your skin with the aid of water, stay on for 5 – 7 days and look marvelous attracting attention everywhere you go.

I’ve seen these tattoos first hand and not only do these turn heads but stop traffic as well (not literally of course). These aren’t your ordinary cereal box rub on tattoos, Flashionistas products transcend quality and style. If you’re looking to stand out and make heads turn everywhere you go, consider ordering one of their lines from  with the coupon you can find by watching the full ride. was founded in early 2015 by two young fashion forward entrepreneurs Hayla Amini and Ashkan (Ash), both of whom currently reside in Toronto Canada. The company caters to the edgy, chic and fashionable with custom jewelry tattoos.

Their product speaks directly to your taste and style with captivating design collections that are the perfect accent for your bikini on the beach or poolside hangouts, at festivals, and during everyday hangs. They have had enormous growth and press in the short time they've been around and have secured partnerships with Cabana Pool Bar among other hot spots in the metropolis of Toronto.

All of their collections vary in quantity and have unique styles, but every collection includes 2 sheets of multiple designs per pack. When you purchase from their online store you can choose your favorite collections in either small or large sets, priced respectively based on size. This young pair of entreprenerus seems to have found an exciting fashion niche which they're dominating and we wish them nothing but the best.

If you want to see these in person, Flashionistas sells their products in select retail stores and fitness clubs which you can locate on their website



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