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If you thought that horse riding is just an ordinary leisure sport activity lacking competitiveness or gadgetry and technology, you are wrong. Peter Mankowski, the former engineer and scientist at Research In Motion (RIM) who is now the current CEO and co-founder of SeeHorse.Ca shows us why.

The Uber Experiment and Marcin Migdal introduces you to SeeHorse and Mr. Peter Mankowski, the entrepreneur behind the idea. Mr. Mankowski isn't someone with pipe dreams, this former scientist gave us BlackBerry and was one of the people who researched and developed prototypes for mind controlling phones that may be currently used by the military. He invented wireless Internet before there was wireless Internet and now he focused his skills, experience and resources and in a few years created a business from his passion.


" Mother nature gave what is of great value to you, logic and intuition. " ~ Peter Mankowski


About the Episode

In today’s episode of your favorite business reality show on wheels, I Marcin Migdal go undercover once again on the quest of bringing you fun, interesting conversations with high achivers and entreprenerurs who are willing to share their knowledge and advice to help you suceeed.

The day started boring and many riders didn't want to talk, my next rider was getting his Tim Horton's on across the Go Station and once again i put on my happy face and hoped for the best. Soon I discovered that Peter Mankowski was being responsible for a major shif in the horse riding industry. A shift that may revolutionaize livestock industry and improve the health and performance of horses, camels, cows and other livestock.

According to Peter Mankowski, who shared his revolutionary horse monitoring device on today’s THE UBER Experiment reality show, the equestrian market is suffering from a lot of problems which created opportunities for visionaries like Peter who sought way of improving the health of horses and livestock. Behind SeeHorse.Ca lies a whole technology measuring the temperature, pulse and respiratoryfunctions (TPR) as the main parameters of SeeHorse and its emerge into the equestrian marketplace.

The long ride into the burbs gave me plenty of time to discuss Peter's passions, business, family life and everything else under the sun. We discuss how vital it is to have a product that blends in the modern society and what it takes to create that attractive hook every revolutionary product needs.

Now, we all know the equestrian world is all about style, luxury, and treating horses the best way possible. SeeHorse is a device that allows you to almost know what the animal is thinking and gives you the abillity to react before the animal is stressed. This advancement is sure to revolutionize the horse riding field and the home grown facilities.

In the end,every serious horse owner, trainer, veterinary professional, horse breeder,equestrian and boarding centers and horse transportation units are meant to be revolutionized with SeeHorse device. As our ride concluded I was thrilled that i've learned so much and that is exactly why I continue ubering on in my bimmer and hoping to find people who make this world a little better than when they found it.


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