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The Uber-Bimmer and Toronto's favorite undercover Uber driver, serial entrepreneur and host of The Uber ExperimentMarcin Migdal prowl the streets for interesting people to share their stories of life, business and passion.

As always, The Uber Experiment never fails to deliver. This week's undercover investigation focused the life of a multi-faceted entertainer, fitness guru and entrepreneur Michael Chin, who's managed to find a balance of both worlds.

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"If you ever wanted to have a stuntman who is a musician, does landscaping and does coconuts... He is a master of all trades." ~ Marcin Migdal

Overall, it was a quiet morning for Marcin and the show. Passengers' mood was as gloomy as the weather and that didn't translate well into conversations with strangers. Three hours into the day, a pickup request came in; Michael was the next rider on The Uber Experiment. Little did Marcin know he was about to encounter a pick-me-up to an otherwise uneventful day. 

All seemed dark till Michael Chin walked into Marcin's car with a bag of coconuts, knife and a dremel.

Mere moments and a single question separated Marcin from striking conversation gold with this modern-day Tarzan. Marcin summed up his upbeat personality, charisma, optimism and asked "We can turn up the music or we can talk about you?", "Sure" exclaimed Michael and so the ride begun.

This time, The Uber Experiment had the opportunity of riding with Michael Chin. Michael is The Big Party Coconut Man who's company provides tasty refreshing coconut treats at large corporate functions, weddings and events.

Most people have one job they hate, Michael Chin has various careers and claims to love each and every one. Coincidentally that's his secret for doing everything perfectly. "I love what I do" said Michael.

Somewhere between travelling the Amazon, swinging on vines, being a tour guide and his landscaping business, Michael managed to squeeze in an acting & music career and become a stunt man. His extensive resume in entertainment industry includes television shows Transylvania, Zillions, Relic Hunter with Tia Carrera and feature films such as Cinderella man & PIXELS among many smaller independent productions. 

“When I was in the Amazon... one thing i learned other than exercising to keep health is having a great attitude, being great with people and laughing." ~ Michael Chin

Who knew a boring day would turn so eventful and interesting. It proves that opportunities are disguised and one should always keep an open mind, and be approachable and inquisitive with people. 

There seemed to be no end to Michael's entrepreneurial spirit. As the conversation continued both agreed life is a journey of never ending lessons, many of which can only be taught through experience. Something both Marcin and Michael thought was something they'd have plenty of. Michael felt he'd live into the hundreds and Marcin was waiting to join the Singularity project. "I'm going for the 100's" stated Michael. 

Michael's odd jobs and random career choices led him on a journey that included fronting for popluar bands in the 60's, 70's and 80's

I’ve opened up with Led-Zeppelin at the Rockpile, I opened up with Sly and the family stone at Maple Leafs gardens and I have played with Rick James in California for about a year.”~ Michael Chin

“I do events at Caribana for Lori Saldana, she's one of the biggest. It’s a festival of music and dancing and costumes from the Caribbean” ~Michael Chin

It’s this positive attitude that fuels his coconut event business that caters to well known celebrations such as Caribana.

Caribana is one of the biggest festivals in Toronto, attracting people from all over the world, is globally recognized as one of Canada's biggest celebrations. With such a high attendance rate, it's hard to imagine the amount of coconuts Michael cuts throughout the day.

Even after years of occupational ventures, Michael's health is top notch. He credits his health secrets to positive attitude and endurance training. At one point in the conversation Michael claims running on a treadmill has absolutely no cardio benefits and offers Marcin a fitness lesson, you be the judge on who's right or wrong. 

"If you have to hang off a bridge and it depends on how long you have to hold on before you fall to your death, you'd better have the mind programming until you're rescued." ~ Michael Chin

I think it's safe to say Michael Chin saved the day from complete boredom. Michael has touched base on many interesting topics and it was a pleasure to have him ooze out passion and positive illumination. 

"Everything I do, if it's coconuts, drumming or acting, I really love doing it." ~ Michael Chin

The extended episode is full of business and even love advice from Mr. Chin. There is so much more to Michael that we just didn't have time to get into, but we wish him nothing but success and happiness as laughter and passion he certainly does not lack. 

We hope you enjoyed another thrilling ride on The Uber Experiment with your favorite Toronto driver Marcin Migdal who films and investigates CEOs , JOEs and Entrepreneurs. We hope this episode inspires and motivates you to take action and create your own opportunities, it's not about waiting for your dream job it's about creating one! 

Till next time, UBER ON Uberheads.


Article Written by Marcin Migdal. Associate Editor Wesley Juma. 

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