Toronto Creative Marketing Director Marcin Migdal spearheaded development of website start-ups, Marcin’s credits extend to 48 Amazon credits43+ Million YouTube views,  and a Creative Award by Canada’s Premier Kathleen Wynne. Marcin is a uniquely skilled online marketing expert in digital monetization, brand development and visitor conversions.Marcin Migdal | Toronto Creative Marketing Director

Marcin draws on 13 years experience leading large scale web, video and print projects for small business owners and Fortune 500 companies. Having worked at TMP AdvertisingDentsuLoyaltyOne, The Logic Box & Robert Half, Marcin executed projects for Imperial Oil, Rogers Canada, Capital One, US Air Force, Adobe, Wacom, Air Miles, URS Flint, Electronic Arts (EA), CIBC, BDC, Target and more.MarcinMigdal-MasterMind-Group-2500x563

Marcin Migdal's business acumen and entrepreneurism rivals his creativity and makes him effective leader in the boardroom and team environments. He is a contributing editor at Huffington Post, mentor at, Advisor at In 2015 Marcin interviewed high profile CEOs & Celebrities as the host of the Business Entertainment Reality Series The Uber Experiment.  The Uber Experiment


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