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"It should be part of your effort to develop your business and not just buy a job or create a job during your quest for financial independence and entrepreneurship." ~ Andrew Sukhiani

About the Episode

If you ever thought that you cannot make it in real estate while still being young and living the time of your life, Andrew Sukhiani proves you're wrong. In today's episode of Business Entertainment Show, the show that shifts up the regular ride to town and gives you valuable piece of advice in a hip conversation style, I  introduce you to the owner of & ASI Real Estate, a real estate guy with an aspiring future in doing what he likes the most.While driving my Uber ride in Toronto, you'll notice me, Marcin Migdal  (the host of Business Entertainment Show) and how I keep on asking Andy some important questions about his future aspirations to motivate and inspire people like you.

In our Uber Toronto drive, as always, we are going to speak about entrepreneurship and how it got Andy to the point where he is now. 

About Andrew Sukhiani
Mr. Sukhiani's real estate projects span from Canada to United States, below is one of his personal projects and one of his residencies in Los Angeles area. 

Andy's Los Angeles mansion he bought and renovated for his 30th birthday




During our brief ride on my Toronto Uber business reality show you'll notice Andy is calm, happy and successful - which is the secret to continuing doing things that inspire you to prosper and grow. His foundation of success in real estate begun in the student housing market of Waterloo, Ontario which as he pointed out is the best source for positive cash flow in any housing market.The growth and improvement of this marketplace were the key things leveraged by Andy in order to activate his ideas and evaluations and result with the best student community with accommodations that are clean and comfortable. By making students' lives easier and tailored to their most exact needs, Andy improved the property marketplace in Waterloo and set a foundation for his future career.



Being an active real estate investor and also starting out in student housing I wasn't quite sure if Andy was exaggerating his success or not. I continued asking him questions about his properties and mindset to see where his mind was at. Andy didn't disappoint, his knowledge and advice on real estate markets was mind blowing.


His hilarious personality matched my own wits so I knew we would definitely connect and become friends outside of this Uber drive.Andy ensured he answered my questions thoroughly and provided real-life examples and practices which you will find extremely valuable if you're into real estate development or investing. He told me about his latest project, an ultra modern $2.1 million home residence he envisioned as a game changer in a neighborhood of North York, north of Toronto. 



Living in a Los Angeles mansion is a dream to many people. But for Andy, it is a dream reshaped in a successful career. The amazing charisma, hip and hilariousness in Andy are only a cover of his great knowledge in the real estate industry.

Andy has also come up with a great piece of entrepreneurship advice for anyone wanting to succeed in what they like, work 4 hours daily and live in a mansion. Andy suggests it should be part of your effort to develop your business and not just buy a job or create a job during your quest for financial independence and entrepreneurship.You'd think Andrew Sukhiani was destined to be a property mogul and lucked out. But in this episode you'll learn just like all entrepreneurs he had his shares of expensive failures. He teaches you not to deviate from your passions and not let anyone stop you in their path, even if you're hustling candy in grade school... lol.


As they say, you have to fail and fail harder in order to succeed in life, and Andy is a proof for that.Some of his real estate holdings are labeled under as well as ASI Real Estate tailored to Toronto and Los Angeles real estate markets.You can play today's UBER EXPERIMENT teasers now and provide your comments in the video comments on our channel, remember to SUBSCRIBE. Tell me what you would do if you had the type of lifestyle Andy has. 





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