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On this episode of The Uber Experiment, entrepreneur Marcin Migdal takes a ride with to rob a few banks with Mr. James Dean who just happens to be Editor-in-Chief of Magazine.


Money is a universal topic. You either have it, need it, or want more of it. As much as money limits and controls every aspect of our lives, majority of people are not comfortable with the topic.

For many families discussing money matters continues to be taboo, as if ignorance will make them disappear. Kids aren’t aware nor are educated about finances until they scream at their first paycheck and come to a realization they’re working to pay for services they don’t see nor care about at this point in their lives.

We are not encouraged to request access to the monthly bills. Growing up we are completely in the dark beyond the scope of our allowance or part time job. That lack of education sometimes fails us in adulthood. So, in the drowning reality of consumers debt I ask you this, why don’t we TALK about money?!


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