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The day began beaming so bright, it seemed the sun was a lot closer than usual in the metropolis of Toronto Canada. On this episode of The Uber Experiment, Marcin Migdal takes a ride with AFC ring girl, model, pageant queen and songwriter Melissa Wakileh. 

Melissa Wakileh, better known on Instagram as @TheFriendlyUnicorn to discuss business, life, passion and ideas. Do not be fooled, this international model isn’t just a pretty face, her experience in the glamor world has opened her eyes to many realities of life. Although there is a complete un-parallel between the entrepreneur world and the aesthetic, fundamentals can be found in both perspectives.

“People just have to live for themselves, do what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. ”~Melissa Wakileh

Most individuals are never going to be about doing their own thing, living the life they want is completely beyond their own reality. This isn’t the case for Melissa, with her time spent modeling with Elmer Olson and also working with prestigious magazines such as Tease Lifestyle, she found the golden rule to all life endeavors.

Both Marcin and Melissa agreed in robust conviction, there is more reward from doing than overthinking, taking action for the intentions of your own benefit. To a certain extent, it is understandable to have a fear of failure, however, keeping the sense of comfort and belief facilitates a strong feeling of confidence.

 “You have to be comfortable with yourself and not care what anyone else thinks. At the end of the day you have to be you and you’re not gonna ruin your opportunities for other people.”~Melissa Wakileh

The reality is, listening to other people is like playing a big game of broken telephone, there is only a small amount of truth that gets through. Most people don’t take the opportunities they feel is out of their own reality or comfort zone.

In most cases, they have observed others failing and become hesitant to take action. They shut down their own creativity and second guess their intuition causing them to make decisions that keep a safe lifestyle.

A lot of people get very intimidated by anything but in reality, everything is on youtube! When people say no, it is because they are lazy and they don’t want to do it.”~ Marcin Migdal

The ride with Melissa Wakileh  is one filled with inspiration, passion and life mastery, an episode we would say captures the intentions of the Experiment. She is another testament proving how self-belief and execution goes beyond the typical limiting beliefs of the masses.  

The sky is definitely the limit with this young girl, plans of restarting her own modeling agency was also a topic at hand. Unfortunately, there is a lot of ambiguous information  on starting a business and consulting an expert is quite pricey. Luckily, Marcin being an expert, gave Melissa some quick tips to get her into the right path.

Her full video cut is filled with much more business advice, rap lyrics she wrote, life as a pagent girl, dancing arts,  arguments on good guys vs bad boys and the ever so controversial legalization on marijuana. She is a young beautiful girl with many activities going on in her life and we wish her nothing but success and happiness moving forward.  

We hope you enjoyed another thrilling ride on The Uber Experiment with your Favorite driver Marcin Migdal who films and investigates CEOs, JOEs and Entrepreneurs. We hope this episode inspires and motivates you to take action and create your own opportunities, it’s never about listening and doubting, it’s about believing and executing!

Till next time, UBER ON UberHeads!

Article Written by Marcin Migdal. Associate Editor Wesley Juma
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