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Being an daily Toronto UBER Driver may be boring as hell at times, but when you're an undercover entrepreneur seeking knowledge and fun conversation with smart people once in a blue moon there are some really awesome perks- some may include driving an Aston Martin, Audio R8 and a $600 000 Lamborhini Aventedor from my new friend Stewart Wilson - the man in charge at Toronto's premium Exotic Car Rentals and Luxury car tours company; GTA Exotics.


Here is a little behind the scenes with my friends at GTA Exotics, thanks for letting me test drive the cars and showing me around Luxury Exotic Car Rentals. I recommend everyone drive a Lambo or a Ferrari even if it's just once. 



"Everyone says do your passion, but I kept thinking I want a Lamborghini, I want that life so I said shit... that's what I'm going to do!" ~ Stewart Wilson

About the Episode


On Today's episode dreams come true... wait a second, not dreams, goals are achieved.

Some call it luck, I call it laws of attraction, I was especially up beat today and just dropped of a very pleasant rider who unfortunately didn't want to be feature on the show, but it was a great conversation nonetheless. Getting back on highway I received a Uber ding only 8 minutes away, so off I went. Little did I know that charismatic entrepreneur Stewart Wilson was the Director Of Operations at Exotic Car Rentals and needed a quick ride to pick up a motorcycle part for his Euro trip that weekend. 

GTA exotics specializes in exotic car rentals, dream car tours and track days. Stewart Wilson established the GTA exotic car rental business in 2003. Over the years we have grown and served thousands of customers for weddings, special events and car enthusiasts. we specialize in exotic cars and motorcycles for rental. Their mandate is to offer amazing cars and deliver a promise you will have a great experience driving your dream car.

Buckle up and come for a ride as Mr. Wilson shares all about his journey from becoming a cop, to owning his first Lamborghini, to the fleet of cars he now has the pleasure of driving anytime he wants to. 


"My passion is to live the life that you always dreamed of, whatever it takes to get you therel. You have to focus on doing what you're going to do to do that." ~ Stewart Wilson 

I think the look on my face says it all, while supercars won't make you happy, they may motivate or at least inspire you to to push yourself that much more to achieve your version of happiness!. 

As always the episode must come to an end, I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed meeting the awesome folks at GTA Exotics. When you're in the Toronto area, check out and say hi to Stew for me. 

~ Mr. UBER (A.K.A. Marcin Migdal) 

About GTA Exotics Toronto Car Tours



GTA EXOTICS continues to offer top notch service, great prices and wicked exotic cars. NEW for 2015 one-on-one track experience with the only turbo Ariel Atom in Canada. Get personal driving coach with a instructor. GTA Exotics is offering some of the best Ultimate Exotic cars ever built. Now you can drive the best Supercars in Canada.

You can race our exotics on the track with a G2 license and 16 years old and up and no security deposit required! what a perfect high school graduation present! Our exotic car country tours are amazing value with lots of time behind the wheel on great twisty roads. Check out our 2hr and 5hr tours section. Our 1/2 hour highway test drives drives are very popular and close to the city for your convenience. Toronto is a great city to visit and why not make us a pit stop along the way.

Visiting our track days is always free and you can see what we have to offer. Imagine getting behind the wheel of your favorite exotic car on the track or test our a whole fleet of exotics on the Dream Car Tour! Our exotic car tours are the ultimate present for the car enthusiast in your life. Our exciting driving experiences would be the perfect gift for a boyfriend or a gift for a husband.

Our offers are also great gift ideas for customer or sales incentives and even as a surprising gift for XMAS! GTA EXOTICS is Toronto’s oldest exotic car rental/experience company. With amazing Ultimate Car Tours and track day experiences, we offer a world class race car driving experience unlike any other. Our Exotic Luxury Car Rentals are the Perfect Gift ideas – we even have gift certificates available! The services we offer are great for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, gifts for Special Occasions and Employee Rewards.

Many customers use our Exotic Car Rentals and Limousine Rentals for Romantic Proposals, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduation Incentives, Proms, Photo Shoots for TV and Movies, Trade Shows, and even for just a night out on the town. GTA Exotic Luxury Car Rentals is a unique gift idea unlike any other offering you or a car fanatic you know a chance to try that perfect day life experience. It will be a day guaranteed that you won’t forget, for the exotic car tour is truly a motivating experience! Visitors to Toronto are invited to use our Toronto Exotic Luxury SUV Car Limo Rental services.

GTA Exotic Luxury Car Limo Rentals are now offering an unbelievable exotic car experiences that are on sale now! At GTA Exotic Luxury Car Rentals, we offer a variety of rental options for luxury cars and sports cars throughout Ontario that will satisfy your need for speed and your chance to take control of your dream exotic car. With Ferrari rentals, Porsche rentals, Lamborghini rentals, Lamborghini Gallado rentals, Lamborghini Murcielago rentals, BMW rentals, Viper rentals, Corvette rentals, Mercedes rentals, and Limo rentals, our roster of cars is unmatched. At Toronto Exotic Luxury SUV Car Limo Rentals we offer luxury car rentals at its best.




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