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Toronto has many talents to offer. And that was exactly a part of my vision when I, Marcin Migdal went undercover and started the business entertainment reality show where I drive random passengers and discuss passion, life and business in the luxury and confines of my UBER ride in Toronto. As I navigate the streets of Toronto and uber on I came onto my next pickup. I welcomed who seemed like one of the most aspiring guys I've met  - Trevor Bodogh. This upbeat individual could hardly fit in my UBER bimmer, but all was well as I begun questioning Trevor about his career, life and we even managed to play some Ultimate Frisbee. 

About the Episode

Whilst most of the freestyle bikers you know settle for only their tricks, today's UBER rider is Trevor Bodogh; a bonafied Bicycle Stunt performer, motivational speaker, trainer and acrobat. Trevor has taken trueinitiative to turn his positive attitude, passion and skills into a prosperous career that keeps in tune with his healthy lifestyle and takes him around the world inspiring and motivating everyone he comes in contact with.

Trevor has dedicated himself completely to forging a personal brand around his sport of passion and has become a Canadian ambassador to the sport of BikeTrials. As Trevor said he said during the ride, he listened to his instincts and pushed on.

" Push your own limits because when people offer you an opportunity you can only really say yes or no. " ~ Trevor Bodogh

As the ride continues Trevor opens up and tells me why his profession is much more than biking and what truly makes him happy. This episode is more than a simple UBER ride in Toronto with me Marcin Migdal as the ordinary driver. It is a lesson for all to follow their aspirations and dreams and not follow the money as my guest Trevor Bodogh teaches. You must not only enjoy what you love doing but also make the most out of it to help the society at large – that according to my new friend is the ultimate goal of humans on earth. If you think this episode is all about business, you’re mistaken, with every ride I bring out the fun from my guests and this time is no different.

With all this interesting stuff we talked about, Trevor and I find the time to toss a Ultimate Frisbee “safely during a stop” in the car as he asks me to join him after the ride. Let's just hope he doesn't transform his career from being a bicycle stunt performer and trainer to frisbee tricks!

The quest for happiness and adventure is the main focus for Trevor Bodogh. From a prism of a business reality show, my role as a host of Business Entertainment Show unveils how happiness and adventure are defined in the real business environment, along with the amazingly unique experiences and influence that Trevor does not hide at all.



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