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It's another fun packed episode, if you’ve been following the Uber experiment and you know what it’s about then you will be expecting me to mention the name of my passenger in this episode. My Uber experience is quite different this time because I had four passengers and that why I always tell you ‘’it’s the Uber experiment; anything can happen’’.     

Just in case this is your first time here I would just you in on the concept of the Uber experiment. My name is Marcin Migdal and I am the host of the Uber experiment. I go about Toronto posing as an Uber driver and as expected; I meet people from all works of life and spark up fun conversation about passion, experience, advice and business ideas.   This episode of the Uber experiment is no exception. In this episode, I luckily had Bradie Whetham a former child actor in Canada who has been out of the acting world for around ten years now. He was onboard with three other guys Peter Griffin, Stewie and Walken en-route to shoot a documentary on what Bradie Whetham does at the moment.

Regularly as a nice guy that I am, I always make preparation for a gift to give any passenger who agrees to share their ideas and show love towards the Uber experiment. But this time around, I got overwhelmed by four passengers.  Anyway, they were able to settle for the single gift and the rest they say is history.

I begun asking Bradie about his early beginnings, how he first got into television and acting. I could tell Bradie was hesitant to share his whole story and was very modest as he begun explaining how he was scouted at 10 years of age and how his life took on a whole new dimension thereafter. Today, this child actor is thirty years old but could still pull off a teenager and his early television episodes are still airing daily on CBC’s network.



As we continued, I discovered Bradie's career took a turn as he became a semi-pro wrestler, his wrestling stage name was Bradie Bling. His career was cut short due to an injury as often seems the case in this sport. Bradie told while he can no longer wrestle, he is an active announcer and referee whenever he can spare the time as he manages his Unlikely Media & Entertainment company.

The trio of camera guys turned out to be a crew that was filming a documentary about this child actor. Wesley, Michael and Alex were budding film makers and they were on their way to a shoot. As always I'm interested in everyone's lives so in between conversations with Bradie I managed to ask them a few questions.

Bradie is a very passionate individual, his way on staying motivating and passionate is to be consumed by that something and believe it's the most important thing you're doing. In his words " learn your craft and never stop learning ".  

As if the ride wasn't interesting enough, Bradie touched on the fact he was a lyricist and of course i put him on the spot and asked him to rap, prepare to be blown away. You just never know the talent and skills that people on the Uber Experiment possess.



“To keep yourself passionate, you should be fully consumed by something. Most artists are a bit schizophrenic because they’re being consumed by 12 ideas all the time, but you still need to be consumed by those ideas to keep going. “ ~ Bradie Whetham


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